How to set up Joomla shop with J2store?

In this post, we show you how to set up a Joomla shop with J2store within minutes. I. Download, Installation, Configuration of J2store The first thing you need to do is to download, Installation and Configuration of J2store Step 1. Download J2store Component Package from J2store official website. Step 2. Go to Joomla Extension >> Manage. Then […]

How to setup J2Store Multi Currency?

J2Store multi currency feature allows you store owner to setup multiple currencies to facilitate the purchase of customers in different countries. So how to setup J2Store Multi Currency? The first thing you need to do is to decide your primary or default currency for your store. You can set the default currency by setting the […]

How to add Custom Fields?

Custom fields are created for additional details to be used in checkout processes that involves billing, payment, shipping etc. There are 2 types of custom fields: Core custom fields and Non-Core custom fields. In J2store, custom fields by default are Core custom fields and custom fields that are created by users are Non-Core custom fields. […]

How to create new currency with J2store?

J2store allows you to create many currencies according to your needs and set the exchange value of the currency manually or you can allow J2Store to fetch in real-time from the Google Financial API. (In Store configuration, you should set the Auto update currency to YES). How to create new currency with J2store? The first […]

How to setup configuration?

The configuration page has several tabs. Each one is explained in detail in this post. 😀 I. Basic Settings Before you proceed, you need to be done somes basic settings below: 1. Enable J2Store CSS If this option is enabled, J2store loads the j2store.css file for customizing the template style. First, this will look in […]

How To Set Content Plugin?

In this post we will guide you how to set content plugin, to control the display in the cart section, to show or hide the images, enabling zoom effects, etc. Step 1: Go to Extensions >> Plugin Manager. It will display the resulting window. Step 2: From the Select Type filter on the left pane, […]

How To Migrate From Old 2.8.x To 3.x?

Version 3.x comes with loads of new features and follows a different table structure (schema). So if you want to update your store from 2.x to Version 3, then you need to migrate from 2.x to 3.x. Before migrating, you need to do these actions below: – Install Akeeba Backup ( one of best backup […]

How To Add License Key And Update J2Store?

1. How to add license key? You can get ID in My Downloads section. Direct link: or get it in the PDF invoice. You should copy the Download ID and paste it in J2Store – Set up – Configuration – Update tab. If you’ve re-set your password, then a new download ID will be […]

How To Install J2Store?

You already know about J2Store in the previous article. In this post, we will guide you how to install J2Store extension in the easiest way. There are four plans available in j2store shopping cart extension. They’re Basic, Standard, Professional, and Developer. You can choose one of them and get a copy of the extension at […]

Introducting J2Store

Introducting J2Store J2Store is a native and flexible Joomla shopping cart and e-Commerce extension that will help you create online store and sell online fast and easy. It uses the default Joomla articles as its products and lets you to turn articles into full fledged products. J2Store can also be integrated with other content construction […]