SEO Optimization and Robots.TXT file

The robots.txt is a file containing information about which folders should be crawled and which should not by search engine bots. The default robots.txt file provided by joomla assumes that all CSS and js files are in the media folder, which is not the case of a lot of Joomla extensions (modules, components, plugins) and […]

How To Configuration Multilanguage Setup For VirtueMart

Before do that, you need to check some things: – Make sure Joomla 2.5.x multilanguage setup is correct. – Go to ‘Extensions’ – ‘Module Manager’ – switch from ‘site’ to ‘administrator’ in the filter dropdown list and publish Multilanguage Status. Then click on Multilanguage Status in the upper right menu line. If everything is […]

Translate Form Fields Using Language Keys

VirtueMart 2 allows you to translate many form fields by adding a language key. This is for all fields. We have an example: In a multilingual shop, you want to translate the gender-specific salutation (title) in the dropdown selection available in shopper forms. Take a look on this screenshot: Go to VM Configuration > Shopper Fields […]

The Basics Of PHP Programming

PHP has a quite normal coding syntax and can be read quite easily. This tutorial focusses on coding format and technics of the VirtueMart code. PHP is space insensitive like html. A ; ends a line. The = sets a value to a variable. The () indicate a function call, the content of functions is […]

Code adjustments for VirtueMart 3

Templating and layouts In VM3 we introduce a new feature ShopFunctionsF::renderVmSubLayout($layoutName,AssocArray) you can call with it very easy small sublayouts, or minilayouts. They are stored in FE/sublayouts and can be overriden using /templates/yourtemplate/html/com_virtuemart/sublayouts. The main differences are in the cart layout. There is a new feature which allows you to display shopperfields in the cart. […]

SVN Download

VirtueMart Source Code VirtueMart manages its own SVN repository on the SVN Server. So it allows you to check out the latest source code! In order to obtain the Sources anonymously (read only) you need to know: SVN URL: User: anonymous (no password required) This is the SVN command that fetches the repository […]

Extension Plugins

Extension plugins are used both in the front-end and the backend. They should be created as classes deriving from the base class  VmExtendedPlugin: public function __construct (&$subject, $config=array()) { parent::__construct($subject, $config); $this->_path = JPATH_PLUGINS.DS.$this->getName(); JPlugin::loadLanguage(‘plg_vmextended_’.$this->getName()); } List with events and a description on what moment they are fired. onVmAdminController() This event is fired, when the […]

How to set up a development enviroment?

If you start developing for the project or just with VirtueMart you can set up a development environment with an IDE and a SVN program. We recommend you to use two programs below for working with VirtueMart and synchronizing the working directory with the local SVN repository: SmartSVN or TortoiseSVN Eclipse for php or […]

How to display the payment button?

From version 2.6.10, VirtueMart has a new features that allows payment to have their own template layout. It’s useful for payments like Pay With Amazon which has a complete checkout process running in parallel to the normal checkout process. The template from 3rd party developer may not include this new functionnality. So, how to adjust […]

Override vmsite-ltr.css

Most VirtueMart 2 users want to change the styles and layouts as defined in the default vmsite-ltr.css. You should create an override file, to which you can apply all desired changes. The file should be copied into your Joomla template’s css folder. Ex: yourdomain\templates\yourtemplate\css\vmsite-ltr.css After doing this, the image paths for some VirtueMart images and […]

Learn how to overwrite plugins in VirtueMart?

In VirtueMart we use the joomla template system to create the overrides of a plugin. To check if your plugin is overridable, then you check your installation. Search for your plugin in the path /root/plugins/group/name, for example: /plugins/vmcustom/textinput If the plugin has a second folder with the same name, then it is using the overridable […]

How to add logo for payment and shipment?

Friends! You can add logo for payment and shipment in 2 steps: Step 1. Uploading the logo in the correct folder The logos must be placed under the following folders: images/stories/virtuemart/payment for the payment methods images/stories/virtuemart/shipment for the shipment methods You can upload the logos via the Joomla media manager: For Joomla 1.5, go in […]

About Template System

The new template system of virtuemart allows fine grained overrides for each category and product. We have the joomla template system:!_1.5_Template_Tutorial The virtuemart default shop template is overriding the joomla configurations. You can choose in the configuration the template and layout for the shop, the category and the product view, you […]

How to configure avatax?

The avalara plugin is for a dynamic tax calculation for whole USA. The configuration is mainly done with a calculation rule. I. Installation – Go to your plugin manager in joomla, select type (drop-down) vmcalculation and enable “VM – Calculation Avalara Tax” – Open your virtuemart administration, =>Taxes & Calculation Rules and create a new […]

Searchable Customfield Usecase

We recommend VirtueMart sampledata for initial testing. And keep defaults if not specified or desired to change. Before you start: – Ensure show search is enabled: browse VirtueMart configuration vm > configuration > templates – Check config of menu item to display Searchable Custom Field. To be sure that the search is displayed, Browse Joomla […]